SWISH App now available

Young people's sexual Health app re-branded and updated 

Somerset launched its young people's contraceptive and sexual health app in 2012, however with the launch of the SWISH Service the app has had been updated and rebranded. It is available free in the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store by searching Swish Services in the Apple App Store (C&SH) in Google Play, the rebranding for Android will be late July / early August).

Some of the features include;

'Look after yourself', Information on what a good relationship looks like. Sex and the law, and general information on taking care of yourself.

It lists all local services where young people can access advice and information on contraception and sexual health or ask about concerns they have, like school and college clinics, as well as listing all the SWISH Services, Emergency Contraception providers and all C-Card Issue points. The app uses GPS technology to enable the listings to display the closest service to its user's current location and links to Google Maps.

It has a section explaining what the C-Card is and requirements of joining the scheme, along with a Virtual C-Card for those who have joined where they can store their C-Card number. This section also enables them to choose the condoms they prefer and show this to the issue point to enable them to get the condoms they really want.

It has a section called 'My Contraception' which enables women who are using the 21 day or 28 day pill or contraceptive patch to set a reminder to take their pill or change their patch.

There is a section on pregnancy options.

Information on the different methods of contraception and many of the common STIs are listed.

 A section on alcohol and within this is an alcohol calculator enabling young people to explore what their drinking means in terms of units and calories and offers advice and tips on harm reduction.

For young people who are struggling with sexual or gender identity the app links to where they can find more help and support.

It allows young people to rate the experience of any of the services they have visited, helping services better understand the needs of its service users. Each service welcomes this as it enables them to celebrate what is priaseworthy and look at areas that need improving as they continue to work at being welcoming, helpful and accessible to all service users, including young people.