There are lots of different methods of contraception to choose from. Different types of contraception suit different people and lifestyles. If you are unsure where to start in choosing the right method you may want tocheck out a resource on contraception choices from UCL (University College London) team which is based on extensive research with women click here to view it. Or  try the FPA contraceptive tool, by answering a few questions it will suggest methods that may suit you and your lifestyle. Click here to find out more and try it. Or you can have a look on our site at what the different methods are available by clicking here 

If you would like to discuss or start a method of contraception your GP or practice nurse can provide many of the methods, along with your repeat contraceptive needs. Many GP practices also offer Implant and Coil fitting.

If you intend to visit SWISH for a Coil or Implant fit this requires a booked appointment and not a walk in slot. Please also check if your GP already provides this service as priority is given to patients whose GP does not offer the service.

Contraception is free to all in the UK including under 16’s