Complex LARC Referrals

At SWISH we accept referrals from GPs for:

  1. Removal of deep sub-dermal contraceptive implants.Bristol regional deep implant removal centre have requested all deep implant referrals from Somerset be sent to SWISH initially for assessment.
  2. Difficult or previously failed IUC fitting
  3. Difficult IUC removal and lost threads. For all absent threads an ultrasound scan report within the last 6 months to confirm that IUC is still in situ MUST be included in the referral.

Note: We are unable to accept referrals for IUS insertion for endometrial protection and heavy menstrual bleeding only unless contraception is required.

For Complex LARC referrals, please complete the referral letter, click here to downloadand. Once completed please e-mail it to

Psychosexual Services

We accept referral for patients from Somerset NHS services.

Problems for which psychosexual medicine is likely to be helpful:

  1. Vaginismus, loss of libido, difficulties with orgasm.
  2. Non-consummation and dyspareunia.
  3. Erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems
  4. Emotional and psychosexual sequelae of sexually transmitted infections
  5. Difficulties following childbirth.
  6. Emotional and psychosexual effects of medical and surgical interventions, including miscarriage and TOP.
  7. Psychosexual sequelae of sexual abuse.
  8. Sexuality, cancer and terminal care.
  9. Effects of ageing, disability or illness on sexuality.
  10. Psychosexual problems related to infertility and ending of fertility.

Note: We are not qualified to accept referrals for:

  1. Long standing psychiatric conditions.
  2. Severe personality disorders.
  3. Gender dysphoria.
  4. Fetishes and sexual addiction.
  5. Forensic or criminal sexual issues.

This is a brief intervention, not long-term support. Patients need to be able to retain information, reflect and interpret.

We are not commissioned to investigate or prescribe for psychosexual problems, so any investigation should be done prior to referral.

For psychosexual referrals, please complete the referral letter, click here to download. Once completed please e-mail it to

Training for Primary Care 

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH) offers a training programme aimed at Doctors, GPs and Nurses who wish to develop the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to support women seeking contraception. It will enable clinicans to hold consultations, provide intrauterine contraception and sub-dermal contraceptive implants competently, and manage any complications or side-effects that may occur. Swish can provide the practical training for the FSRH qualifications and letters of competence. 

FSRH Diploma

DFSRH provides you with the knowledge and skills to enable you to carry out an effective contraception consultation as part of a comprehensive approach to Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (SRH). For more information please check the FSRH website 

If you are interested, our experienced FSRH registered trainers can support you to complete the training. For more information please contact us at

LARC training: LoC IUT (coils) and LoC SDI-IR (implants) 

At SWISH our FSRH registered trainers can support you to achieve your coil and implant competencies, you will also be invited to attend our regular Fitters Forum meetings.

For more information please check the FSRH website.

If you are interested please contact us for more information.


Fitters Forum:

The session will be run via Microsoft Teams and are open to Swish staff and Primary Care LARC Fitters. These sessions are a good opportunity to discuss LARC and complex contraception cases, so please bring along any cases you wish to discuss.

If you are interested and would like to join us, please e-mail to receive an invitation.

Dates for 2021:

Tuesday 9th February 12.30 – 1.30

Friday 16th April 12.30-1.30

Tuesday 15th June 12.30-1.30

Friday 20th August 12.30-1.30