Some women and men will identifying as lesbian gay or bisexual, some people don't realise they are lesbian, gay, or bisexual until they are much older. Others know from a very young age. There are also other men who do not identify as either gay or bisexual but will as part of their sex life have sex with other men.

Men who have sex with men often need information and support for a number of other issues such as coming out, forming and maintaining relationships and negotiating safe sex.

Sexually transmitted infections are an issue that can affect any sexually active man; men who have sex with men can be at a higher risk for some infections including HIV. SWISH Services offer sexual health service for men who have sex with men and offer advice and support for men who think they may have been exposed to HIV

Women who have sex with women generally have the same sexual health and reproductive health needs as any other woman however there are some specific bits of information that may they may find helpful.

Gender Identity

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