Coil Fitting & Pain

We are very aware that following a recent news article regarding coil fitting you may be concerned about pain during a fitting procedure.

Coils are collectively known as Intrauterine Contraception (IUC) and for many women the pain associated with having an IUC fitting is similar to experiencing period cramps. However, for some who have had no children or delivered their children by caesarean section, additional pain relief may be needed.

Severe unbearable pain should not be part of an IUC fitting procedure.

We always advise patients to take oral pain relief  (either ibuprofen 400mg (with or after food) or paracetamol 1g- or both) an hour before their fitting appointment. We also use a topical local anaesthetic gel on the cervix for all patients before an IUC is fitted.

Rarely patients may need to have a local anaesthetic injected into the cervix before an IUC is fitted, however this is not routinely required and the injection in itself can sometimes be more painful than the fitting procedure.

What is most important for us is that you feel in control of the procedure.  We will continually ask you how you are feeling throughout the procedure and our clinicians would never continue with a procedure if you were in severe pain, even if you asked us to continue.

We work very hard to ensure we listen and respond to everyone's individual needs,  ensuring that you receive care in-line with best practice guidelines.

For more information from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care,  who produce the guidelines we as a service follow,  please click here