Sexual Health Week 2019

Relationships, Sex and Disability

Sexual health week takes place this week with the theme of Relationships, Sex and Disability. To mark the week SWISH team is encouraging conversations around sex and disability and reducing the stigmas associated with it. Throughout the week SWISH and the Eddystone Trust will be attending the Anything But Ordinary Compass disability disco, as well as a visit to Hinkley Point for some promotion and education and spending the day running tutorials at Foxes Academy in Minehead. The team will also hold a sexual health and contraception session at ARC association for the homeless.

We are also aiming to support professionals in empowering the people they work with. Hopefully with enough knowledge and awareness, people can feel confident enough to have those conversations around relationships and sex with the people they meet. We also want to continually impact wellbeing in Somerset through quality sexual health provision. Sex and disability simply isn’t talked about enough and this means that lots of people are missing out on valuable education, information and support. More information about the week can be found on the Brook Website:  .