Visiting SWISH for a Coil or Implant fit

If you intend to visit SWISH for a Coil or Implant fit this requires a booked appointment and not a Sit and Wait slot. Please also check if your GP already provides this service as priority is given to patients whose GP does not offer the service and those who have more complex needs. SWISH has a list of all GP practices who offer the service and you will be asked which practice you belong to, should your practice offer this service SWISH will ask you to contact them for an appointment.

Coil Re-fits

Swish are improving the process for patients who require a coil re-fit:

If you are aged between 20-49 years, had your current coil fitted by SWISH or CASH, and would like it re-fitted -  please visit the Lothian website to watch a video about coil fitting, which can be found here  

Once you have watched the video, please print and complete the Checklist  and then call us to make an appointment for your re-fit. 

Please complete this form prior to your coil re-fit appointment and bring it along with you.

If you are unable to tick all the boxes on the form, you will need to make a consultation appointment prior to coil re-fitting - Please call the booking line on 0300 1245010

Coil Removals

If you are having your coil removed at Swish and you do not want another coil put in and you don't want to get pregnant, use additional contraception, such as condoms or avoid sex  for 7 days before you have it removed.
It is possible to get pregnant as soon as the coil has been taken out.