​In this section we aim to post feedback we have received and add anything we have done to improve things.


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More leaflets perhaps

Leaflets can be costly and with the increase of online information we tend to direct patients to these resources. You are always welcome to ask a member of staff for a paper copy, we do also recommend websites that can help: 




Centre not very suitable for purpose. Some medical equipment is not well sterilised or cleaned.

 We try and use the building to the best of our ability. All equipment that is used at all SWISH Clinics are sterilised and clean.

I think a take ticket type service with an approximate time would be great. Then you could pop out and get coffee or finish some shopping!!!!

thank you for the comment, we are always discussing ideas to make sit and wait easier for patients, at this time we have no way of knowing what people are attending for during sit and wait clinics and so have no way of knowing how long each patient will take to be seen. Therefore it can be difficult to give an approximate waiting time.

Wasted trip. It would have been helpful to get criteria information BEFORE driving 45 minutes each way to the appointment.

We are sorry that you feel you have had a wasted trip. SWISH is a specialist service and to know what you would like from us often sensitive and personal questions have to be asked, it is not appropriate for these questions to be asked by the staff booking your appointment.

We are continuously updating our website to ensure that it has helpful information you need before you visit.

We need more clinics in Yeovil 

We opened our clinic at Hendford Lodge and during the autum of 2018 we will begin holding a young people's clinic in Yeovil every month 

We don't want to wait for appointments 

We have increased the number of Sit and Wait Clinics to help ensure patients have increased access to our services. 

The phone line is too busy 

We have increased responses to our online booking and have introduced a second booking  line at busy  times during the week

We don't like telling the receptionisit why we want to be seen

We introduced a paper triage system so that discussion with the receptionist is kept to a minimum and does not require you talking about why you are visiting clinic while in the waiting area.

We don't like seeing staff in uniforms 

Unfortunately clinical staff have to wear uniforms as this is essential for infection control. We have  a more relaxed uniform and dress code for our Young People’s clinics and will soon be changing our reception uniform to ensure SWISH staff are more recognisable in busy community hospitals